Quality Policy

Because quality is the very foundation of our approach, we are committed through our charter to provide the best of our know-how to our customers. 

Throughout our collaboration you will be able to count on fully personalised follow-up and benefit from the production power of our industrial tool for your small, medium or large series. We ensure the control of the French and European regulatory compliance of the formula, the aid for the design and drafting of labels, the declarations to the DGCCRF, the health safety and quality of the products, the respect of your specifications and the traceability of materials and products. Click here to see the Nat’kaps quality charter.


Our very rigorous control policy includes a systematic quarantine of materials before they enter the production line, in-depth verification of the absence of cross-contamination, allergens and heavy metals and microbiology controls. All this, supplemented by a continuous dosing verification system.


We have AFNOR HACCP+ certification which validates our HACCP approach. This solution allows us to provide guarantees to large groups and consumers concerning the quality of our products, due to control and prevention of food safety hazards. Our organic ranges are also subject to European certifications.

Professional Organizations

It is also in this perspective of excellence that we join the professional organizations Synadiet and Cosmebio and that we rely on the scientific and regulatory advice of Pharmanager.

DGE approval

In 2017 Natkap’s obtained the DGE approval as a company eligible for the Innovation Tax Credit.

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