Our Laboratory

A state-of-the-art industrial tool for designing and shaping your food supplements.

Our latest generation laboratory, certified AFNOR HACCP, located in Brittany, is ideally located close to a major road axis. The building integrates all necessary tools from design to product shipping as well as a showroom. Our premises, under constant control of temperature, humidity and dust, include:
a mixing room, two manufacturing rooms, a conditioning room, a storage space and a shipping area.

For small, medium and large series

Our production capacity is ensured by a set of tools adapted to the different needs of our customers.

  • Mixers
    Provide mixtures for the use of tablets and tablets, premixes and powder blends for the food industry.
  • Medium and large series hard capsules filler 
    Capsule production up to 5 million units.
  • Medium series capsule filler 
    Production of T1-T0-T00 capsules up to 10,000 units/h.
  • Small series capsule filler 
    Production of capsules up to 20.000 units.
  • Small and medium series tablet press 
    For orders up to 500,000 tablets.
  • Automatic packaging and counting line 
    Pillboxes are filled automatically.
  • Labelling machines
    Labels are automatically sticked on containers.
  • Liquid filling machines
    From 5 ml to 1 litter for smal and medium series.

A team at your service

From design to shipping, all our departments are focused on your project to provide you a quality service and deadlines met.

Research and development department

Our experts offer you relevant formulas and components and provide technical and regulatory support for your project.

Procurement department

The team selects the best suppliers, products and raw materials during rigorous qualification tests.

Sales department

Your privileged interlocutors to define the outlines of our service according to the nature and size of your project, to propose personalized quotations and to follow up on your file.

Production department

Professionals who guarantee compliance with the manufacturing process and the quality of your products in strict compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

Quality department

Provide analysis certificates, checks raw materials, manufacturing process, and ensures your specifications are complied with.

“Rely on a qualified, attentive and involved team for your project, from the development of your food supplements to their market.”

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