Our Tools

A state-of-the-art laboratory

Our latest generation laboratory located in Brittany is ideally based near a major trucking road. The building contains all the necessary tools from design to shipment of products as well as a showroom. Our
premises, under constant temperature, humidity and dust control include:
a mixing room, two manufacturing rooms, a conditioning room, a storage space and a shipping area.

Everything for your small, medium and large series

Our production capacity is ensured by a set of tools adapted to the different needs or our customers.

U-shaped mixer

Providing mixing of the ingredients for capsules, the manufacture or tablets premixes and powder blends for the food industry.

Medium and large series capsule filler

Capsule production up to 5 million units.

Medium series capsule filler

Production of T1-T0-T00 capsules up to 10,000 units / h.

small series capsule filler

Production of capsules up to 20.000 units.

Small and medium series tablet press

For orders up to 500,000 tablets.

Automatic packaging and counting line

Pillboxes are filled automatically.

Labelling machine

Labels are automatically sticked on containers.

Liquid filling machine

From 5 ml to 1 litter for smal and medium series.